Middle of the Road

So I’m trying to start a photography business. Turns out that’s incredibly difficult to do. Do you know how many photographers are in my area? Hundreds! And a lot of them are significantly more skilled than I am. What a crappy realization to come to. Maybe it’s mature I don’t know. I’d like to think my photography is really good. I know my editing skills are great yet, but you know, I’ve got a decent eye for things. But that’s so hard to market apparently. I mean, where do I even start? I need money for business cards, maybe to promote some of my MANY social media sites I’ve started for the business, I need a domain name for an official website, just to name a few. BUT I need business to generate money that I can invest into my business. So I literally can’t move forward without money, yet I can’t get money without moving forward. What kind of crap is that. So I’m feeling a little defeated today. And I’m feeling quite small in the photography world. But I’ll stay stubborn and keep trying to push forward. And I’ll keep working on my skills so that one day I can be one of “those” photographers, with the really amazing edits and perfectly framed shots. One day..

Source: Middle of the Road


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