The Beginning of a Brand


Well it’s official! I have decided to start a legitimate photography company. I realize this is going to be hard work, and I’m considering fundraising to start it up since it can get costly. But living with the daily struggles I face, it’s often hard, if not impossible, for me to feel accomplished over much of anything. But I am really beginning to achieve something with my photography work, and I’ve only just started putting effort into it. I feel that having an official legal brand, and ownership, over something I have a passion and a talent for, would probably be one of the most amazing things in the world. I truly want to make this happen. So here is my vow, I vow to put my best efforts into this social media creation. I vow to stay on top of my posts, with at least one post a week. I vow to always be genuine, even during times where it may be difficult, and I vow to truly make a genuine go at making A Day in the Life Photography become at least mildly successful. I feel fueled by a passion and a fire for this right now. I so badly want to make this happen, I want to feel the success of hard work and talent becoming acknowledged and appreciated, even sought after. So here we go. This is DAY ONE of A Day in the Life Photography. My branding has begun through this blog, my online portfolio (, and my newly revamped LinkedIn profile. Let’s see what we can achieve!

Have an amazing evening, I’ll keep you posted as I go!

If anybody feels compelled to help me start this brand here is the link to my Gofundme!

Jessica Hartman


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